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Electrical Contractors in Gloucester County New Jersey: Wiring

Posted by Andy Kelly

Oct 4, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Best electrical remodeling in Gloucester County NJResidential electric repairs are a lot more complicated than you might imagine. This is frequently the experience of do-it-yourselfers who contact us after unsuccessfully trying to complete some electrical work over the course of a weekend. At Kelly Electrical Contractors, we understand that there is tremendous pride in taking care of your home yourself. And it is true; there are a lot of jobs that do not necessarily require the services of a professional if you are a handy homeowner with a bit of spare time. We also know you may just need the right electrical contractor in Gloucester County NJ to get the job done right.

Can You Tackle These Wiring Repairs?

Consider these common types of home electrical wiring repairs many homeowners try on their own:

  • Panel feed wires. These are THHN wires that support 100-amp service.
  • Romex. You know this sheathed wiring because of its plastic coating. What you may not know is the fact that it may contain two or three conductors as well as a ground wire. Romex can be rated for 15 amps, 20 amps or 30 amps.
  • Colored wires. In addition to the different types of feeds, there is also a color coding system in place. Knowing what the colors means can spell the difference between life and death. Red and black wires are always hot and sometimes serve as switch legs. You cannot use a black wire for a ground connection. Green wires and bare copper, on the other hand, ground your appliances. Blue and yellow wires serve different functions. Of course, if you open up your wall and notice that another do-it-yourselfer has not paid a lot of attention to the color coding system used by professional electricians, you are going to have trouble. 
  • Gauge and amp-rated wires. The gauge of the wire – combined with its rated ampacity – determines the potential use. For example, an eight-gauge 45-amp wire is suitable for powering a cook top. It takes a six-gauge 60-amp wire to power an electric furnace. For a light fixture, you can use a 14-gauge 15-amp wire.

Why Electrical Repairs Require a Pro

Best residential electricians in Gloucester County NJIf these common types of wiring repairs are leaving you slightly cross-eyed, you are not alone. Our electricians, journeymen and service technicians have to undergo rigorous training and continuing education to make sure that they are on top of their game when dealing with wires. With this also comes field experience to ensure our electrical contractors in Gloucester County, New Jersey are equipped to tackle any wiring job.

Instead of attempting DIY wiring repairs in your home, call us because we know we are the best electrical contractors in Gloucester County NJ. Allowing the pros to step in could possibly save your life—and contacting a pro also means no shocks or mistakes. You may be redoing your interior lighting or upgrading your landscape lighting. Maybe it is time to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom or add an attic or bath exhaust fan? The purchase of new modern appliances calls for special wiring. Residential wiring repairs are a common reason homeowners who feel pretty comfortable with DIY repairs, often get stumped.


We Look Forward to Every Project

Gloucester County Electrical ContractorsYou do not have to go it alone. Before you decide to tackle wiring repairs or installs in your home without help, think carefully—do you really have the time and resources it takes.

  • Do you need it done quickly? - Unless you are an electrician yourself, you probably do not have a well-stocked van that contains every tool and hardware item that your job is going to require. This means that you have to make multiple trips to the big box home improvement store. Of course, this also means that your project is going to take a lot longer than you anticipated.
  • Do you need it done right – the first time? Kelly Electrical Contractors offers a warranty on the jobs we do. When we close the panel, you know that the job is done correctly and will be redone at no charge if there are problems. Do you have the time to spend to do the job and then maybe redo it later?
  • Do you like a fixed cost for the job? We offer an up-front price. There are no surprises when we hand you the bill. If you do the job yourself, there is a good chance that you have to repeatedly go to the store to buy more hardware and additional tools. The final cost of the project is somewhat open.

Electrical wiring repairs or installs are not for the faint of heart or for the hobbyist who is not experienced. Give us a call and do not let your home’s wiring be a source of unending frustration. We offer electrical contractor services in all of Gloucester County—and we also offer 15 percent off residential services—download and print our coupon!


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